14 December of 1790

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14 December of 1790

Inlägg  Etienne Molyneux i ons dec 14, 2011 11:15 pm

I really am just writing this not to let my ink dry up. There isn't much to report during the long, boring days at sea. To much repetitions. Storms, high waves, sick Etienne, load seamen, dinners at the Captain, the talks of not to touchy subjects.

I will be tremendously glad when I will have firm land under my shoes - and the food! Sure, as a fine guest I get to eat proper food at the Captain's, but, alas, I want to be able to keep it as well. Hope I don't look to much of a skeleton when arriving. Or perhaps - will it suit England better looking like a drained husk? Tsk.

What more? I'm terrible glad I am not a man of the sea. Not just because of the hard labour - but the punishments! I might just get sick of thinking about it. Barbarism truly, but on the other hand, the Captain must have full control of the ship and crew or otherwise the men will marry the mermaids. But must the control and the respect/fear come witch such cruel treatment? Can it not be obtained with a leadership of authority as well as kindness, or is it only possible to handle such a large group of poor men in such a way? Are the seamen, apart from the Officers and Captain, so dense and not own a deeper understanding of the mind, soul and the world beside their drinking and fights? Are they truly lower standing in intelligence or it is just shaped after their upbringing?

Just about two days and we can anchor at the coast of England.

No one will be more happier than me at the sight of land.
Etienne Molyneux

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