18:th of December

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18:th of December

Inlägg  Etienne Molyneux i sön dec 18, 2011 3:53 pm

Captain Elliott's house is as expected. Nothing has changed since my last stay. The furnishing's English strict and cold - a lady's helping hand would really help make this house into a home.

But it those what it's supposed to; a warm, soft bed that even doesn't move! A proper writing desk, a cute little piano and a library for those cold, lonesome evenings. Pleased to se that Mrs. River's still is the house keeper.

I couldn't possibly express in words, let alone written words, how impossibly joyful it is to feel safe ground underneath your feat again. God how I wished that a ship wasn't necessary to cross the waters; couldn't I get wings like Icarus? I would promise not to fly to close to the burning sun. I do hate ships... Hope I don't have to board one in the nearest future.

And England... London. It feels a bit weird being here. On this side of the world, and England... is England. I'm a bit glad being back in Europe, though I will miss the Americas for the time being, and England is as good as any. Most of all I would prefer to go back to France; byt alas, since I cannot, London is good. I know the city, have some friends to play bit. And; Wien! I do miss Wien as well. Some time, some time I guess.

I should remember to try and write to Mama and say I've arrived safely. And Mr. Howard.

Supper's calling and i couldn't be more happier about the fact that I once again can eat properly. Earth; I cherish you.
Etienne Molyneux

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