29th of November

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29th of November

Inlägg  Etienne Molyneux i mån nov 28, 2011 8:16 pm

Why the hell did I choose to go on the ocean during these months? "Because I wanted to be on the right continent during Christmas and New Year's." Pfht! Can't even go home or to Paris and here I endure these horrible storms and throwing up everything I can manage to eat for... nothing! Mum wants be to come visit them, it was sooo long ago and Sis wants to and surely Papa and Brother and my nieces and all the family and...

Oh, but at least I have found some new company that seems promising and not to utterly boring. Can't wait to get away from the old gagging gents I've put up with. Why in Christ name are they even travelling? Surely this might kill them old hearts.

And remember to change the note of rum to one less item when more healthy...
Etienne Molyneux

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